I have embarked on a new adventure in my life!! I am attending real estate school through “Great Way to Learn-Thornton's Real Estate Academy.” The classes are all on-line and you learn at your own pace. The classes are very detailed and broken down to where you can understand each module.  They offer several videos throughout each level just in case you are struggling to understand what you are reading. I have been able to move through each level with ease and understanding. It is broken into 2 parts with a Ky Real Estate Cram Course at the end. The first part that you begin with is Principles & Practice of Real Estate and the second part is the Ky Law – Principles & Practice. So glad they divided the sections up because the law section is easier to absorb by itself.  From what I have read the real estate exam is also broken into two parts with the law separate.  The Cram Course will help you prepare and set the tone for taking the actual exam. This will help you brush up on anything you don’t understand or have forgotten. Don’t forget to use “Quizlet” while you are studying. This website offers flashcards and games to help you remember definitions and quiz questions that are given throughout the classes. This is a very exciting time in my life and I’m very excited to see where the next chapter in my life will lead. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is currently working and wants to get into real estate. You can still work and go to school. If it wasn’t for meeting Christina Woods and Mike Brown at “On the Move Realtors, Inc.” this dream would not have been possible. Thank you so much!!!