Spring & The Kentucky Derby Festival

Thunder Over Louisville; the Chow Wagon at Waterfront Park; nothing but talk on the news about The Kentucky Derby; what to wear and where to get it; people AND horses coming into town in high style; prayers for two weeks of warm and sunny weather; freshly mown grass; seasonal allergies; and opening day of the spring meet at Churchill Hill Downs. Ahhhhh…spring is here!

My husband and I were invited to attend opening night at Churchill Downs. Lots of new renovations at the track and, while it seems to be expanding and growing, there is still the challenge of finding close parking to avoid walking a couple of miles to get through the gates. Thankfully, the friendly folks who live around the track are always willing to allow parking on their property – at a small price, of course.

Everyone was in high spirits as we all crossed the street to get into the track – high-fiving the police officers who were directing traffic. Once inside, we got our program and got busy choosing our horses right away. I’m happy to say that my wagering of $2 to show on 3 races paid off every time. Thanks to my mutual teller, Kathy, with whom I shared a couple of my business cards. Maybe I should have given her a tip instead…

Our invitations had originated from the owners of a horse running in the sixth race – a beauty named “Urawesomeblossom” – which allowed us to enter the winners circle at the end of the race. Sadly, she did not win. I believe she came in at the same number as her post position – 9. Our spirits, however, were not dampened as it was so cool to walk out onto the track and tromp back into the paddock with horse poo on our shoes!!

It was a beautiful night and we are so blessed to live in the great city of Louisville and share in the excitement of horse racing and in the beauty of Churchill Downs and spring!